Troodon vs Buck

Troodons were intelligent dinosaurs that lived during the Cretaceous period. Troodon comes from the Troodontidae family. Members from the Troodontidae family are called Troodontids. Troodontids are best known for there great intelligence. They were the most intelligent dinosaurs ever known, even more intelligent than mammals from that time.

The diet of Troodontids consisted of small animals such as birds, lizards and small mammals.They appear in the background of the dinosaur valley, an example is when they were eating Sid's leftover vegetables, and running at the sight of Manny. They are purple and google eyed.


  • In the film troodons were shown as dumb clumsy omnivores, this is significantly inaccurate since in real life they are swift and intelligent who's intelligence even surpassed that of mammals. Though they were also omnivourus.
  • In the Nintendo DS version of the game (along with Guanlongs and Dilophosaurus) they were known as

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