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Baby DinosBaloo a bearBill Hader
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Bobby's World The MovieBorisBrachiosaurus
BuckCarl and FrankCarlos Saldanha
Carnivorous PlantCedric the EntertainerCera
ChasmosaurusCheesestrings ice age 2 the meltdownCholly
ChomperChris WedgeCiara Bravo
CindyClaireCondor Chick
CondordactlyConfusing holes(confusion of holes)Copy of jungle book 2 ice age and smurf;s village
Cradle SongCrash and EddieCretaceous
DabDebra WilsonDenis Leary
Diedrich BaderDiegoDila
DimetrodonDinosaurDinosaur World
Dinosaur World 2 meets dink the little dinosaur and corys familyDinosaur world 3 swamps and riversDisney dinosaur
DrakeDuckyDung Beetle
Easter island headsElk (character)Ellie
EvanescenceFan:Ice Age 4Fan:Ice Age 4/Reviews
Fan:Ice Age 5: The Revenge of Red-Horn/ReviewsFan:Ice Age 6: Dilo's RevengeFan:Ice Age 6: Dilo's Revenge/Reviews
Fan:Ice Age 7: The Revenge of the Sub-Zero HeroesFan:Ice Age 7: The Revenge of the Sub-Zero Heroes/ReviewsFan:Ice Age 8: The Return of Rudy's Sister
Fan:Red-HornFan:Rudy: The Beginning of the BeastFan:Rudy: The Beginning of the Beast 2
Fan:The CarnosaurFans:Dinosaur World movieFast Tony
Father AardvarkFlightless BirdFlood
FlynnFrank WelkerGazelle (character)
Giant ButterflyGloverboy 21's ICE AGE: The Time KidsGlyptodon
Gone NuttyGrandpa LongneckGrey DeLisle
GuttHauntedHedgehog (character)
Hickory dickory dockHorton Hears a Who!Ice Age
Ice Age: A Mammoth ChristmasIce Age: Collision CourseIce Age: Continental Drift
Ice Age: Dawn of the DinosaursIce Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (soundtrack)Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (video game)
Ice Age: The MeltdownIce Age: The Meltdown (video game)Ice Age: The Series
Ice Age (franchise)Ice Age (video game)Ice Age 2
Ice Age 2: The Meltdown (video game)Ice Age epilogueIce age,Winnie the pooh,and angry birds crossover:Attack from below the ice
Ice age,angry birds,and pooh crossover:the deadly under worldIce age 10 the Pteranodon familyIce age 11
Ice age 12Ice age 2 the meltdown dunkarooIce age 9 meet buddy
Ice age :rescue friendsIce age collision course 2 the new same ageIce age the meltdown DVD with raccoon
Ice age the meltdown dvd with elephantsIf a Song Could Get Me YouJack Black
JamesJames Arnold TaylorJames Patrick Stuart
Jane KrakowskiJay LenoJennette McCurdy
Jennifer LopezJennifer and RachelJeremy Renner
JinksJitteryDragonJohn Leguizamo
John PowellJohnnyJordan Nagai
Josh PeckKaa the komodo dragonKaren Disher
Keke PalmerKentrosaurusKing louie a ape
Kristen JohnstonLayla ZeeLegends of the Land Before Time
LennyLike YouList of Ice Age main characters
List of Ice Age minor charactersList of adult jokes in Ice AgeLittlefoot
Littlefoot's motherLizardsLone Gunslinger
Manny's FamilyMarit LarsenMcdonalds ice age 2 the meltdown
Mini-SlothMini sloth sing alongMiranda Cosgrove
MoMolehogMomma Dino
Mother AardvarkMother BeaverMother Gastornis
Mother OpossumNadiaNicki Minaj
No Time For NutsOpossumOscar
Out of the ShadowsPatrick StewartPeaches
PenguinPenny the polar bearPeter Dinklage
Present Day BeaversPterodactylQueen LaTifah
Queen LatifahQuetzacoatlusQuetzalcoatlus
Random imagesRay RomanoRaz
Red rexRob ThomasRoger
RudyRudy's family treeRunar
RushmoreSHANGRI LLAMASam the mandrill
Santa ClausScratScrat's Grandmother
Scrat Goes BowlingScratteSeann William Scott
ShovelmouthSidSid's family
SilasSimilarities of ice age-pooh and ice age-angry birdsSimon Pegg
Squinikes do drops ice ageSquintStatue of liberty
Stephen RootStuSub-Zero Heroes
Surviving SidSylviaT. J. Miller
Tara StrongThe Ice Age and The Land Before Time Fanon WikiThe Land Before Time/Ice Age crossover
The Land Before Time (remake)The Land Before Time XIV: Dawn of MankindThe Land Before Time XIV: The Growing Sky Stone
The StartsThe water parkTimon the elephant
Tiny t-rexTornadoTourniquet
Traffic VultureTremors/Ice Age crossoverTriceratops
Walk the DinosaurWanda SykesWawa goose
We Are FamilyWhiny Beaver boyWho,s peaches dad
Will ArnettWolfYou're Everywhere

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