Is the next ice age movie


Flurry the common squirrel is searching his pinecone again he passed and stepped by many camarasaurus herd.flurry escappe a camarasaurus and hit it's tail.he notice a camarasaurus dung after that.but his attention is to the pine(nickname for pinecone).he grabs it but like normally grandma cockatoo stole it again she gives a half for flurry but she forgot his not a bird so the half is gone.flurry screams and then stepped by a saurolophus. Meanwhile,Little kiwi is asking questions to his grandma,Ellie.then he asked"what is That skeleton cave grandma?"."oh it's the feeding spot grandpa Carl and frank's favorite place."then the scene changes to shira,Carl,frank,Claire,claire's mom,Johnny,and gazelle eating there (though not shira)Carl asked"what are you doing here Shira?".she replies"oh,I'm watching at skeletons that look like art"."hey what's that light"gazelle asked.then a pack of dilophosaurus and Quetzalcoatlus kidnapped them."Claire run!"her mom said.her mom is caught instead of her."let go!"she said about her mom that is caught by the quetzalcoatlus.but the creatures end up chasing her and Johnny.Carl and frank is kidnapped too.the 2 teenagers escappe.and the creatures come back to the light."everybody help our friends are kidnapped by dinos!"Johnny said.they all go to the cave fighting some dinos (not killing one)with tigger's electric weapon. and discovered the light,that is named tar pit dino world with many predators.a T-Rex guarded the place But it's intersted to momma.momma said that her mate is only Dino attacks Sid but tigger managed to electrified it.the others are electrified too until gopher turns off the dlctric weapon killing the trex.they slid in a diplodocus's neck but they figured a problem.the Dino is attacked By gojirasauruses.what will they do?if they fight them,will they win?will the diplodocus be safe?coming soon!

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