The sub-zero heroes are having a sliding contest.But they are attacked by maelstrom,Cretaceous,tornado,and shark tooth.they are making an epic adventure trying to defeat them and Rudy with his minions:the Guanlongs.But they must face many enemies and objectacles to defeat them.Will the Sub zero heroes defeat the reptiles?Will peaches be married with her boyfriend ,apples?will the sub zero heroes find all the crystals to unlock the secret weapon?and will scrat be married with scratte and Etwa , a female scrat that can interact with the Sub zero heroes?

Chapter1:The race

The story begins with owl making an announcement about the race.team1/team possum rulers:crash and Eddie,team2/the mammoths team:manny and Ellie,and team3(the worst team)/saber tooth sloth:Sid and Diego.Owl says"on your marks,get set,go!".they raced Sid and Diego crashes many rocks.suddenly the ice break because them.then the song"code blue" plays when maelstrom attacks from under the ice.they all run.cretaceous jumped to the land.momma attacks Cretaceous hurting him.Meanwhile peaches throws big and sharp ice cubes to maelstrom.they all won the battle and maelstrom and the others escape from that place."phew,luckily we had killed rudy"said rabbit.then Rudy appears from under ground."that's the opposite of your saying rabbit"said Terrence,red bird's big brother.then buck attacked a guanlong with some shuriken from some sharp plants in the movie before this is full of shuriken but survived.later sid's kid release a big rock and make a chain reaction.some Guanlongs survived but hurt (strangely the guanlong with many shuriken in his body survived).they ran away with Rudy behind them."we must defeat all of them!"said manny.

Chapter 2:the first crystal at the volcanoes

"yeah,but how?"asked roo."we must not go out from our new homes like before when we leave snow valley"said manny."we must track them with this electronic sticking tracker."said buck holding the thing he is talking about.then the scene the screen fades picturing a map.then we see scrat and scratte trying to find breakfast (walnut breakfast)they find 4 and eat it together.then scratte hears a big stomp and fly with scrat away.the stomp is made by ankylosauruses an of the ankylosaurus says sorry to the group in his language Egbert says to everyone the meaning"he said he's sorry when he is managing to kill us and he ask can he join the group?"."okay you can"said seismo in the ankylosaurus's language and told all the others what she mean.Then they went to the volcano to find a crystal."hey,everybody I found 3 kinds of crystal in that cave!"said Sid.suddenly a group of oviraptors attack them. They attacked them(not killing one)then manny said "you all won't stop us getting those crystals"."what?you know mammal language ?"asked the oviraptor leader."yes we do"said manny."oh, sorry.I thought you all are going to steal our eggs.and these 3 crystals is for you.but for the 4th crystal is impossible,no one survived To get that crystal."said the oviraptor leader,ovi.

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