Dodos was an unintelligent and daring dodo, who served as a minor antagonist in the first film. He was the leader of the dodos (who are well-trained in the martial arts, hence their nickname, "Tae Kwon Dodos").

Dab was voiced by Alan Tudyk.


[Verbergen]*1 Ice Age

  • 2 Ice Age: The Meltdown
  • 3 Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
  • 4 Trivia

Ice Age[1]Bearbeiten

After spotting the gang and putting the stolen watermelon on a log when he turned around, one of the dodos jumped up, squawked real loud, and shouted, "Intruders!", several times. However, he fell into a smouldering pit.

When Manfred asked the dodos if they can have their melon back,Dab refused and explained that it's their private stockpile for the ice age, and that subarctic temperatures have forced them underground for a billion, billion years. Manny, confused, asked if they got three melons. The dodos all looked at them and clucked quietly, and then Dab responded, "If you weren't smart enough to plan ahead, then DOOM ON YOU!". Then, all of them chanted, "Doom on you!" several times in unison, walking over to Manny, who told them to get away from him. Suddenly, Dab fell off of the melon, which rolled over to the baby, and Sid let him have it. He then shouted, "Retrieve the melon! Tae Kwon Dodos! ATTACK!!!". Then all of them tried several times to get the melon back.

Throughout the fight, the dodos attacked Sid and Manfred to make them let go of the melon.

However, they were eventually defeated by Sid in the end. Sid started dancing with joy, and then smashed the melon hard on the ground. Diego got mad at Sid, but they soon saw that the baby was still able to eat the melon, and were surprised. The scene then showed all of the dodos standing up on each other, to which Manny responded, "Hey, look at that. A dinner *and* a show.". Then they all fell off a cliff and died.

Ice Age: The Meltdown[2]Bearbeiten

Even though they did not appear in the film, they did appear in the video game version of it though.

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs[3]Bearbeiten

Although the dodos didn't appear in this film either, they did appear in the game version of the film, where they were referred to as "Birds".


  • Dab was never mentioned by name in the movie.
  • Although believed to be burnt to death, it was implied jokingly in the Ice Age 2-disc "Super Cool Edition" DVD that it was all an act and that Dab was still alive and well.
  • In the video game of the third film, the dodos were called "Birds" instead of their true species ("Dodos").

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