Main Cast Edit

Frank Welker Rudy
Miranda Cosgrove Dila
Chris Wedge Dilo
Paul Logan Drake
Jennette McCurdy Ruby
Miranda Cosgrove Guan
Karen Disher Flood
Simon Pegg Buck
Cody Arens Young Rudy
Karen Disher Young Ruby
Karen Disher Young Guan
Skye Arens Young Drake
Karen Disher Young Dila
Logen Arens Young Dilo
Nika Futterman Young Flood
Frank Welker Poppa
Frank Welker Momma
Helen Shaver Rudy's Mother
Bill Erwin Rudy's Father
Frank Welker Rudy's Grandfather
Miriam Flynn Rudy's Grandmother
Dinosaur world 3 swamp and rivers

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