Karen Disher as Scratte Simon Pegg as Buckminster Marit Larsen as Shelly Nika Futterman as Flood Jennette McCurdy as Peaches cody Arens as Littlefoot Ray Romano as Manny Queen Latifah as Ellie Chris Wedge as Scrat Anndi McAffe as Cera Frank Welker as Momma and Rudy John Leguizamo as Sidney Denis Leary as Diego Carlos Saldanha as Egbert and Yoko Aria Curzon as Ducky Jeff Bennett as Petrie Megan Strange as Ruby max as Chomper ob Paulsen as SpikeClaire Corlett as tinyErika-Shaye Gair as shinyIan James Corlett as mr conuter Phillip Corlett as buddy Ellen Kennedy as mrs pterandon Colin Murdock as mr pterandon matthew marr as don R.J. Williams as dink

 S. Scott Bullock   as Flapper Frank Welker as Crusty  Ben Ryan Ganger  as Shyler

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