Confusing holes are a location at the tar pit Dino world(as the center of the world is full of tar pits).there are many caves in there that are confusing.the heroes got inside the place because they are chased by pterosaurs.the creatures that live there are pterosaurs,utahraptors,iguanodons,troodons,dilophosauruses,t-rexes,spinosauruses,edmontosauruses,brachylophosauruses,plants,bees,hornets,flying snakes,vipers,cobras,a giant titanoboa,a ray like fish,sturgeons,piranhas,sharks,scarlet ibis,parasaurolophuses,conchoraptors,and Guanlongs.ther are bones of snakes,lizards,aardvarks,ibis,sharks,rays,conchoraptors,a weasel(that terrifies Buck),piranhas,and giant meat eaters(possibly lost acrocantosaurus/giganotosaurus).however,it's said that gojirasauruses are the lost creatures that can adapt at that situation and repopulate and even rule the place.4 carnotaurus is seen 3 times once hunting an edmontosaurus.later passing a weasel skeleton and near the end escaping the volcanic eruption and then moved to the hundred acre wood(long ago called the valley of goodness).

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