Condor Chick with his Mother.

  1. Out of the egg
    The Condor Chick was a vulture that appeared in Ice Age: The Meltdown. It is unknown if the condor chick is a male or female, as it is never told. The Condor Chick is voiced by artist Peter DeSève.

Ice Age: The Meltdown[1]Bearbeiten

Scrat was going to get his acorn, when he found it, he heard a cracking. When he turned around and saw the Condor Chick pop out of an egg. The Chick came at him for the acorn, the chick bit Scrat's tail and swallowed the acorn. Scrat reached down the chick's throat and pulled the acorn out. The chick then chased him and charged at him, when he looked up he saw the chick's mother, who throws him out of the nest. Near the end of the film, the chick is shown again, imitating a throat cut, before the dam breaks open

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