300px-Dinoice agechasmosaurus
Chasmosaurus were a species of herbivore dinosaurs. They are part of the Ceratopsian family. They lived in the Upper Cretaceous period. Their fossils are first found in 1898 by Lawrence Lambe. The Chasmosaurus is big as Torosaurus and Triceratops. There were 3 Chasmosaurus on the movie. What is weird is that they only have 2 horns in the movie, aside from a blunt nose-horn. It is not to be mistaken with the Triceratops.

The chasmosaurs are shown very briefly, wading through a pond. A tiny hatchling with a massive frill for it's size followed behind, but was distracted by a lily in the pond. It's parents gruffly snorted and beckoned it to come, after which they all walked away, and Buck comes out of the pond. In the game, they are enemies, but they're erroneously called Triceratops

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