300px-Carnivorous Plant

The carnivorous plant was a gigantic flower-like plant with vines that it used as appendages. It lives on the Dinosaur World and makes its film appearance in Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.


What looks like a mossy patch of ground with tasty looking fruit, is a deadly prehistoric plant. It lifts it's prey into into the air with long vines, then drops them into the space between it's huge red petals and engulfs it's prey. It will begin to secrete digestive juices that result in symptoms such as tingling, itching and others before being melted into bones. The only way to survive is to swim to the bottom, and cut open the round lump that you find there. Inside, there are two capillarie stems. Cutting the red one will result in the plant contracting slightly before digesting even more rapidly, but the blue one, when cut, causes the plant to regurgitate, thus freeing it's victims. The plant digests its victim very quickly, in about 3-5 minutes, unless its blue capillary is cut, causing it to throw up its victims along with lots of juices from its body.

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs[2]Bearbeiten

Manny and Diego are nearly eaten by the plant, and are warned that they will by nothing but bones in 3 minutes, before Buck squeezes in, and cuts the red stem. It very nearly digests the three before Buck is just able to cut the blue one and it splatters them out.


  • Diego (to Manny as they are being eaten): "For the record, I blame you for this"
  • Buck: "Oh, their about to be digested"
  • Manny: "Digested?!"
  • Buck: "Yup: they'll be nothin' but bones in three minutes, well maybe five for the fat one"
  • Manny: "I'm not fat!"
  • Diego: "I feel a little tingly
  • Manny: "Oh, dont you say that when you're pressed up against me"
  • Diego: "Not that kind of tingly"
  • Manny: "I can feel it too"
  • Crash: (after Manny,Diego and Buck are splattered out of the plant) "Barfed on by a plant...awesome!"

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