Fandom This article is partially fandom. It is considered canon to the main Ice Age series.

Background information
Feature stories Ice Age 5: The Revenge of Red-Horn
Shorts stories
Creator ScratteLover2
Voice James Edmund Godwin
Character information
Species Guanlong
Gender Male
Other names Male Guanlong
Color Blue, Red, Orange, White and Yellow
Eyes Yellow w/ Black Pupils
Height 8 feet
Length 6 feet
Weight 112 pounds
mate Guan (girlfriend)
Friends Guan
His Guanlong Pack
Enemies Red-Horn
Fate Deceased (Killed by Red-Horn)
Personality Protective
Quote "Guan... I Love You..." (Last Words)

Brandon is a male guanlong that appears in Ice Age 5. He is voiced by James Edmund Godwin.

Physical Appearance

Brandon had blue skin, just like other guanlongs. He had Yellow Eyes with Black Pupils. He had an almost white underbelly, just like any guanlong.

Role in Ice Age 5

He was a part of Guan's pack and he had a crush on Guan but he had never told until near the end. He chose to get Red-Horn up to Lava Falls and he said he'd make it. He got Red-Horn up to the cliff, and that was where the plan went wrong, before Rudy could get up there Red-Horn had bit into his side injuring him.


Near end of Ice Age 5 he was bitten by Red-Horn and Guan was the first person up to the cliff. He was bleeding internally and his told Guan that he loved her then he died. Seeing him die made Guan so made that she just got up and left, saying, "I'm glad that Red-Horn fell into Lava Falls. He deserved it."

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